How Does it Work?

Ovulation Induction or often referred to as Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation is a process in which the ovaries are stimulated by fertility medication to produce ovulatory follicle(s).  Typically, a combination of oral fertility medication (clomiphine citrate) and injectible fertility hormones (follicle stimulation hormone) are used to stimulate the ovary to produe mature follicle (s).  Ultrasound monitoring is performed in order to safely stimulate the ovaries. With controlled ovarian hyperstimulation, the goal is to increase monthly fertility rates back to a natural pregnancy rate of approximately 20% per month.  Multiple pregnancy rates account for 1-30% of these pregnancies, based on the age of the egg and the number of mature follicles obtained.  The goal of controlled ovarian stimulation is to achieve a healthy singleton pregnancy.   If couples are not successful after 3-6 cycles of OI a consultation is recommended to review the causes and possibly come up with a new plan.