A Father's Persistence Pays Off - by UFC patient, Jason Knoell

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Ever since I was old enough to know who my dad was, I have wanted to be one. The love of a child is an incredibly inexplicable thing. I loved my dad because he loved me. He cared about me and played with me and provided for me. I thought…

This Mother’s Day I am a mom. I can promise you that it is worth every tear - by UFC patient, Katie Knoell

Finger paints, Popsicle sticks, dry pasta. Nearly every elementary school child has used these materials to create a homemade gift for mom. During my childhood, that's what Mother's Day was to me. Little kids doing cute things for their moms;…
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Summer Tips for Couples Dealing With Infertility

Anytime of the year is tough when struggling with infertility. Summer tends to be particularly challenging as we seem to have more on our social agendas. BBQ’s with friends ( how is it so many of our friends sneeze and become pregnant?); Family…
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Dealing With the Uncertainty of Fertility

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Infertility is a very personal and emotionally-charged subject. It affects those struggling with it deeply, and is often an ongoing issue. Whether you are attempting to become pregnant without the use of professional medical assistance, or you…