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  • Pink Pad

    Trying to Conceive….there’s an app for that!

    Fertility problems are estimated to affect one in seven couples. The disease of infertility is a very difficult and frustrating disease to face. Baby making is not a perfect science, but there are many ways to help reach pregnancy when nature hits a roadblock. In …

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  • Genetic Testing Fertility utah

    Reproductive Genetic Testing

    Sources:, Reproductive genetics, a field of medical genetics integrated with reproductive medicine, assisted reproduction, and developmental genetics, involves a wide array of genetic tests that are conducted with the intent of informing individuals about the possible outcomes of current or future pregnancies. The tests …

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  • fertility treatment financing

    Affording Infertility Treatment

    For the 1 out of 6 couples who struggle with Infertility, conceiving a child can be challenging. The stress of infertility can include emotional aspects, medical hurdles and financial burdens. The financial counselors at Utah Fertility Center understand those barriers and are here to help …

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