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Infertility is a very personal and emotionally-charged subject. It affects those struggling with it deeply, and is often an ongoing issue. Whether you are attempting to become pregnant without the use of professional medical assistance, or you have undergone a procedure such as in vitro fertilization, the two week wait to find out the results can be emotionally draining. This time period is filled with constant monitoring of potential pregnancy signs as well as potential signs of menstruation. Fear, uncertainty, and hope can characterize these two weeks.

Salt Lake City Fertility ClinicThere are some things you can do to help you survive the two week wait. First of all, it is a good idea to keep your infertility struggles private by limiting the number of people you tell about your difficulty becoming pregnant. For those close friends and family members you do choose to keep informed, establish how information will be shared. Along with limiting who you tell, it is also wise to decide how you will handle inquiries from those you keep informed, and decide this ahead of time.

Another fantastic coping strategy is to keep yourself busy. Schedule fun, new, and meaningful activities during this time not as distractions, but as mechanisms to increase your happiness and lower your stress. Hand-in-hand with scheduling meaningful activities is leaning on people for support. Some of these activities could include going to lunch with close friends or going hiking with a family member.

It is wise, both physiologically and emotionally, to appropriately deal with anxiety that may occur. If you feel your heart rate increasing due to anxiety, take a few slow, deep breaths. You may also want to go for a calming walk, engage in meditation, listen to calming music, or involve yourself in activities which are spiritually uplifting to you.

Because the two week wait can be a difficult time, use these coping strategies to lower your stress and increase your happiness while you wait.