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Utah Fertility Center invites you to read through our patient testimonials to give you a better idea of some of the amazing, life-changing results we have helped bring about! If you would like to start receiving the same level of quality, compassionate care, please contact our fertility clinic in St. George, Pleasant Grove, Ogden, Park City and Murray, Utah, at 801-785-5100 to schedule a consultation with one of our Reproductive Endocrinologists.

Struggles With Infertility

Couple Photo Kaylie and Neil – West Jordan, UT

After unexpectedly losing our youngest Son to SIDS, my Husband & I turned to Utah Fertility Center to explore options for our family. Dr. Dorais and her team were kind and compassionate from the beginning. They truly care for their patients, and personally called us with any results or concerns. I was given my very own cycle coordinator (Samantha Pierce) who explained everything in great detail, and always took the time to answer our questions. Thanks to the knowledge of the Doctors & staff at UFC, our rainbow baby is Due March of 2023. We would highly recommend Utah Fertility Center to anyone who is looking to expand their family. They were there for us every step of the way, and we are forever grateful.

Couple Photo Krista and Colter Coker – Cedar City, UT

I cannot express how wonderful Dr. Parker and his team are. During our IVF journey we had the most thoughtful coordinator. She did everything in her power to make sure all my worries were laid to rest. She was my cheerleader throughout the entire process. The entire staff was extraordinary. At the St. George and Pleasant Grove locations. Dr. Parker is absolutely amazing. I graduated today and it was such a bitter sweet moment. I will miss everyone here and can’t wait to share our journey with you throughout this entire pregnancy!

Rees family photo with the parents and three children Rees Family– Wales, UT

Thank you guys so much for doing such an amazing job at helping us grow our family. Thanks to you we have THREE amazing perfect people. Rylee who is now three years old, Kinsley who is now four months old and Kyle who is now four months old as well. We could not love them more. Thank you for making our dreams come true.

Aida family with the father, mother, and new born child Aida Family – American Fork, UT

Dr. Gurtcheff and Utah Fertility Gave us the greatest joy in life – our little family. Once I stopped feeling sorry for myself that I was struggling with infertility , I started feeling so grateful that I had options and Utah Fertility was there to help me start my family. My body just needed some help to do what it was made to do.

Lindzay and Michael – Boulder, NV
small child with a tutu and a frilly headband

Dr. Foulk. Thank you so much for helping to bring our little girl into our lives. I am so glad that you were our doctor through this journey and we are forever grateful! Thank you!

small baby wrapped in a blanketPaige and Josh – Lindon, UT

Hi Dr. Conway! Our little guy made it safely here. We are so grateful to you. Every time I came into your office, and it was a lot, everyone was so kind. I can honestly tell you that I had a difficult time each time I walked past the wall of baby announcements. I just wasn’t sure we would actually be able to have one of ours up on the wall. Thanks for all of your kindness and positivity. I loved having you as our doctor. Labor and deliver was really difficult, which ended with 2 failed epidurals, ahh! BUT he made it and our dang announcement will finally go on that wall. Miracles do exist. William is one of them. Love always.

Anderson family with the father, mother, and new born childJordan and Nick Anderson – South Jordan, UT

Words will never be enough to fully express our deep gratitude for what you have done for us. For as long as we can remember we have dreamed of having a family of our own & without your help…that may have never been possible. Thank you for the incredible work you do. Our sweet, precious baby girl is finally here and we feel such love & peace. Thank you! From the bottom of our hearts!

Davidson family with their new born babyDavidson Family

We don’t know where to begin or how to thank you for making our biggest drams a reality. You are all miracle workers, so you made our hearts complete. Even w/ our failed IVF attempt you showed so much compassion and never gave up on our treatment . You & your staff will forever hold a place in our hearts. Our baby girl is happy & health. We look forward to working w/ you all again to get a sibling for Tyanna. Our hearts are happy. Thank you all.
Love Tyler, Jenilee & Tyanna

two babies on a couch, one wearing a bow tie and the other a bow on their headBuhler Family

Dr. Gurtcheff & Staff,
We are so beyond thankful for every single person who helped us get our miracle twins!! Every appointment we left feeling so loved and cared for! We tell any couple struggling about you guys. Thank you, Thank you! We are loving our babies and feel so blessed!
With Love, Jake and Shalise

baby with a birthday cake in front of herHolding Family

Dr. Conway and staff:
We want to thank you all so much for all you’ve done for us? We are super happy we found UFC for treatment. Without your help we wouldn’t have our beautiful daughter? See ya down the road for our frozen embryos!
The Holding Family

smiling baby holding a framed pictureGustafson Family

Dr. Gurtcheff & Staff,
We can never thank you enough for the precious gift you have given us1 We have appreciated the patience, kindness, and positivity throughout the years leading to our miracle. Our baby boy joined us earlier this year and has brought us more happiness than we imagined- he’s so worth the wait! Everyone that helped on our journey will be forever in our hearts.
Steen, Marlena & William

Ed and Amy Stone – Elk Ridge, Utah

It’s impossible to completely put into words our entire experience. The peaks and valleys of excitement and uncertainty, followed by the extreme joy with the success of our baby’s arrival. UFC and staff has been wonderful and supportive all along the way.

Angela Hatch – Elk Ridge, Utah

The staff here is fabulous. I’d gone to a different fertility clinic where the communication was horrible. My first meeting with Dr. Conway was so easy and she was super clear on our options. She listened to us and was so easy to talk with. During our insemination tries and our IVF, we were treated well and they just made the process so easy. If you’re struggling to have a baby, UFC is an amazing place to get help!

SJ – Elk Ridge, Utah

Dr. Foulk and his staff are amazing! They are kind, compassionate and are deeply invested in helping you build your family. I have been going to him for about 8-9 years for different treatments. When things have gone well, he and his staff were thrilled for us. When things have not gone well, they have cried with us and comforted us. Dr. Foulk takes time to help you identify multiple options, talks things out with you and explains options and solutions. He is a fantastic doctor!

Kindi H. – Rupert, ID

After six years and five rounds of In Vitro we received our “Miracle baby”. My advice to those starting out do your research and homework on fertility clinics; they are not all the same. I switched clinics due to my voice not being heard. Dr. Conway listened and tailored a treatment to us — not textbook answers.

The Child Family – Midvale, UT

We are so thankful that we found Utah Fertility Center. Dr. Foulk was so kind and we felt that he truly cared about our struggles with infertility. We did a round of IVF in July 2013 and our lives were forever changed when we welcomed our sweet twin boys in March 2014.

Lindsey S. – Pleasant Grove, UT

I recently was treated at Utah Fertility Center in both the Murray and Pleasant Grove locations for onco-fertility (this is a term that describes fertility issues due to cancer treatment). I needed to undergo some chemotherapy and my oncologist informed me that the chemotherapy agents have a high risk of making me infertile. Being only 28 years old, and not willing to forfeit my reproductive abilities, I sought out a clinic to help me retrieve some eggs to be frozen. At the recommendation of a few close friends, I called Utah Fertility Center. Drs. Foulk and Conway were so top notch. They understood the urgency and sensitivity of my medical issues. I am a nurse myself and have seen a wide-array of level of treatment and amenities. Every single person I came in contact with at Utah Fertility Center were professional, compassionate, and sensitive to my family’s needs. From the front-desk office staff to the MAs to the nurses and ultrasonographers, I didn’t have one poor interaction. I can’t say enough about Utah Fertility Center. If you have these types of needs, don’t waste time comparing centers, Utah Fertility Center is the clear choice!

Heidi S. – Seattle, WA

My husband and I could not have asked for a better experience with Dr. Gurtcheff. Her caring, compassionate manner eased our worries about becoming pregnant. She took us step by step through each question and we never felt rushed. She always took extra time to ensure we understood our treatment plan. Dr. Gurtcheff made our fertility experience positive and successful. We are so grateful that we were fortunate enough to have her for our doctor.

Elysia Jones – Tooele, UT

After 3 years trying countless meds to have another baby after our first we went to UFC. Dr. Foulk was amazing. Even though my eggs were really no good and our chances of becoming pregnant were so slim we implanted 2 embryos and by some miracle ended up with 3 babies! I love this place and their staff for my babies!

Brian & Ramsi S. – Salt Lake City, UT

It’s a Boy!
We can’t tell you how long we’ve waited to be able to make just such an announcement. Our prayers have been answered and we are thrilled that we will be welcoming our son, whom we expect to arrive right around July 29, 2013.

We are so grateful to Footsteps For Fertility for bringing awareness to such a painful and lonely issue and for providing hope to couples who have invested everything—financially and emotionally—in their dreams of starting a family. We feel so blessed to be the first lucky couple to have this opportunity and to have had such an amazing result. We are grateful for the brilliant team at UFC—especially Dr. Conway—who dedicated their time and energy to us. They are changing lives every single day.

Each day we’re one step closer to the “other side” of this long journey. Our son will be loved every second of every day and he will know how many people helped to get him here.

We’re eternally grateful.

Danielle Barlow – Provo, UT

We learned at our embryo transfer that our odds were slim of getting pregnant. We only had two poor-quality embryos at day 5. Our hopes stayed high, praying for a miracle, and that’s just what we got! We found out two weeks later that we were pregnant with our sweet baby girl!

M. – Boise, ID

After 5 years of suffering with infertility, seeing numerous physicians but making little progress, we finally found Dr. Foulk’s clinic in Boise, Idaho—the Idaho Center for Reproductive Medicine (ICRM). We proceeded with IVF and very quickly became pregnant with our first daughter. We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to freeze the remaining embryos from our IVF cycle. A couple years later, we decided it was time to have more children. When we called ICRM to make an appointment, we were excited to find out that Dr. Foulk had opened a clinic in Utah.

It was an easy transition for us to be treated at the Utah Fertility Center (UFC). Our embryos were shipped from ICRM to UFC without any trouble, and the staff at UFC had the same friendly and accommodating work ethic as the employees at ICRM. We quickly began the process of a frozen embryo transfer (FET). The FET resulted in a twin pregnancy, and they were born in April of 2011.

Dr. Foulk and his staff really took the time to listen to our situation to help us reach our ultimate goal of having a family. They were willing to work with our insurance company, as our policy would help pay for fertility treatments, where other clinics would not. We never felt like a “number”, but felt instead that the staff had a vested interest in helping us. From top to bottom, the staff was top notch, and that along with Dr. Foulk’s knowledge, integrity, and manner separated him and his clinic from the others that we visited in Utah. I’m thrilled to say that we went from 0 to 3 kids in three years, all conceived with the help of Dr. Foulk and his staff, and we can’t thank them enough. We now feel like our family is complete. We recently referred a couple of close relatives to Dr. Foulk, and they are both now expecting babies in 2012!

Courtney Frisbee – Lehi, UT

They say the third times the charm, little did I know how true that would become. We did three rounds of IUI and found out I was pregnant the day before my IVF consult. At 7 weeks, we found out I was not only pregnant with one, but two miracles. We now have a beautiful girl and boy born in March of 2014.

Anne K. – Salt Lake City, UT

Dr. Foulk’s expertise in reproductive endocrinology is unparalleled. Because of his breadth of knowledge and his attention to detail, he addressed concerns that my previous fertility doctors had overlooked, and through in vitro fertilization, helped us successfully become pregnant with a healthy, beautiful baby girl. There is no other fertility doctor that I would trust with the future of my family than Dr. Foulk!

It is very rare to find a doctor who is not only a brilliant physician but a genuinely caring, compassionate individual as well. Dr. Foulk is this kind of doctor. He is honest, supportive and responsive. Since the moment I became Dr. Foulk’s patient, I have been treated like a priority. In so many doctors’ offices I feel like a number on a chart. This is not the case at the Utah Fertility Center. Every member of the UFC team has supported me with kindness, compassion and respect. Living with infertility can be physically and emotionally overwhelming, but the care given by Dr. Foulk and his staff provided me with hope and optimism.

Staci U. – Lehi, UT

I have enjoyed my experience with the Utah Fertility Center. We went to a few doctors to find the fit for us and through the professional and kind consultation, we knew we had found the right place! During such a tender time, the staff is caring and does not make you feel like a number–which makes a profound difference in going through the IVF experience. I know that they care about me and my family and have done everything they can to make the journey a comfortable, friendly, and successful one.

The Mackelprang Family – St. George, UT

We did IVF in Nov. 2012 and we now have adorable twin boys who were born July 2013. The day we got the phone call telling us we were pregnant was a day that changed our lives forever! We never thought we would ever hear those words! A few weeks later we found out not only were we pregnant but we were having TWINS!!

Sarah Jane – San Rafael, CA

My husband and I have not been able to have children after trying for three years. I happened to have a couple of friends who had come to the Utah Fertility Center, had consultations with Dr. Foulk, and began treatment at the clinic. They had nothing but wonderful things to say about Dr. Foulk and UFC. I decided to schedule a consultation. It was a great decision and my husband and I have never regretted our decision to pursue our dream of having a child with the help of UFC. Dr. Foulk is very knowledgeable, experienced, and accomplished in his field. We have complete confidence in his work and trust his recommendations. We have been impressed by the entire staff; everyone is more than happy to answer any questions and are consistently friendly and professional. I would recommend that anyone facing fertility issues schedule a consultation with the Utah Fertility Center!

Stacey – Spanish Fork, UT

We just wanted to tell you thanks so much for all of your help through our IVF cycle. You have been amazing and we really appreciate it. We have had the best experience and will keep sending friends your way!

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