Fertility Acronyms to Help You on Your Journey to Parenthood

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When it comes to your fertility journey, it is both unique to your personal situation while also being relatable to those who are on a similar journey. At the Utah Fertility Center, the goal of our experienced and compassionate team is to make your experience as comfortable and informative as possible. Our fertility experts strive to communicate with you to answer all of your questions and concerns so that you can thrive on your path to parenthood.

Today we want to talk about some of the fertility acronyms you will likely come across on your journey. Most of us use acronyms every day though we don’t really think about it. Acronyms are basically abbreviations made from the first letter of every word in a phrase or series of words. So, you’ll tell someone you went to the ATM today rather than the automated teller machine.

These short versions of words can also be created using the first syllables of words. Funny acronyms also exist, like BING (But It’s Not Google), S.P.A.M. (Seriously, Poor Advertising Method!) and of course the ever-popular funny car acronym, FORD (Fix or Repair Daily). Okay, that last one is only funny to those of us who aren’t driving one!

Getting serious for a moment, there are, of course, acronyms in the medical field and the fertility field. Today we’re going to look at seven acronyms you might hear when speaking with us or someone in your fertility network. It’s good to know these terms and be comfortable using them because they are familiar to you. Plus, it’s just cool to learn new things!

-ART – Assisted Reproductive Technology

-CD1 – Cycle Day 1 (the first day of menstrual flow)

-ER – Egg Retrieval

-EV – Estradiol Valerate

-FSH – Follicle Stimulating Hormone

-HCG – Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

-HSG – Hysterosalpingogram

-IM – Intra-muscular

-IVF – In Vitro Fertilization

-ML – Milliliter

-PESA – Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration

-P4 – Progesterone

-RPL – Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

-SQ – Subcutaneous (also SC)

-TDI – Therapeutic Donor Insemination

-TSH – Thyroid Stimulating Hormone

For a complete list of acronyms you might hear on your fertility journey, check out our longer list of fertility acronyms (and glossary terminology) listed on our resource page.

The goal of our fertility specialists in Pleasant Grove, Murray, Ogden, and St. George, Utah, is to provide you with the high-quality care you deserve. We strive to give you emotional support, an accurate and informative diagnosis along with the best IVF treatment options for your unique situation. If you and your partner are ready to take the next step in your fertility journey, we invite you to give us a call at 801-785-5100 to schedule a consultation with one of our board-certified Reproductive Endocrinologists. We look forward to working closely with you to create the family you have always wanted.