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It is hard to fully articulate all that Utah Fertility Center has done for our family. We struggled with infertility for 5 years. We started our journey of surgeries, treatments, procedures, medications, and the list goes on and on — all while living in South Carolina. As most everyone who experiences it knows, infertility is such an emotional roller coaster. Unfortunately, through the roller coaster, we also had to deal with so much frustration while dealing with our fertility doctor and staff in South Carolina. We felt so lost and confused with the poor communication and lack of education through every step we took to try and bring kids into this world. However, we heard about Utah Fertility Center while we were still living in South Carolina and felt like we needed to reach out to them for help.

This was the best decision we could have made. We were so blessed to have Dr. Foulk become our new doctor. Dr. Foulk was kind and did a phone consultation with us while we were still living in SC. In that hour conversation with him, we learned more about the problems we were facing and possible solutions than we had learned in the previous 2 ½ years of going to this other Doctor.

While on our phone consultation with Dr. Foulk we were able to come up with a game plan. Our game plan became one of my greatest tools in helping me with the emotional pain. There was a light at the end of a dark tunnel even if our plan was going to take many more months to accomplish, it was something that I knew not only me and my husband were working towards, but I knew that everyone at UFC was on our team helping us accomplish our game plan. We ended up moving to Utah for a few different reasons, but one main reason was to be near Utah Fertility Center.

We were thrilled to do our first round of IVF. We got to the day of transfer, and transferred 2 embryos with 4 left that were going to wait it out to see if they could be frozen. However, the 4 didn’t make it to the day to freeze and the 2 in me didn’t make it. To say we were heartbroken is an understatement. However, the thought of giving up was not an option for us. Like I said, “game plans” were what helped us get through the day to day sadness of infertility. So we knew that was our first step. We needed to meet with Dr. Foulk again and reevaluate for the next game plan. Dr. Foulk gave us so much hope. I remember sitting in his office and him telling us that there was no reason for us to lose hope. He said he really thought we had the potential to get pregnant and was going to continue to help us to get to our goal.

After saving up for another round of IVF, we did another fresh cycle (since we had no frozen embryos). On the day of the transfer we discovered that we only had 2 embryos that survived. They were not super healthy, but we weren’t going to give up hope that fast! Even if they weren’t healthy we were still going to give these 2 embryos the chance they deserved. While I was laying there during the transfer, we couldn’t help but think this was not only a duplicate of what happened last IVF round, but looking even worse. I started to tear up, I was once again so sad that our desire to have kids may not happen the way I had hoped. During that time of laying there, several staff member from UFC came into the room. Held my hand, cried with me, and gave me the greatest words of encouragement. Which was exactly what I needed in the moment.

A couple weeks later after the long wait for blood work, we got the greatest call from UFC- I was pregnant! The staff members on the other line celebrated with me in the most exciting news that I could have dreamed to get, as I sat there in shock. I am pretty sure I said, “Are you sure?” at least 10 times. They all kept saying, “yes it’s true!” To have them so excited for me was once again what I needed in that moment.

The people at UFC are so aware. They know that not every appointment, phone call, ultrasound, procedure, ect is filled with good news or exciting. Which is what makes them so good. They are aware of the sensitivity of everyone that walks into UFC. They are there for you when news is sad or when it is happy. There is a reason they work there, because they care!

Just 6 months ago we were blessed with twins (yes BOTH embryos took!!). Tate and Lexi are the most amazing addition to our family. We would not have our miracle babies with us if it weren’t for UFC and all their countless hours of work that they put towards helping us bring our babies into this world.

I am so grateful that the amazing people at UFC have dedicated their careers and lives to helping people like us make their dreams come true. Words will never ever be able to thank these “miracle workers” enough!

Malorie, Craig, Tate & Lexi Goodman