Have You Considered Using an Egg Donor to Conceive?

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As a woman, when a doctor tells you that your eggs are of a poor quality to conceive or that you have no eggs to fertilize, you can still achieve your maternal dreams with the help of an egg donor. Using an egg donor to achieve fertilization is more common than ever before. This might have to do with the fact that many women today are waiting longer to start a family only to find out that their fertility has diminished. By adjusting our perception of using someone’s eggs versus our own to bear a child, we can open up a world of possibility.

To give you an idea of what that looks like and why you might want to be open to using an egg donor, we offer the following:

– You don’t have the egg quality required to successfully conceive.
– You carry a genetic disease that might be transmitted to your unborn child.
– Your ovarian reserve is diminished (this involves the number of extra follicles you have along with the health of the follicles and the eggs within them).
– You have a history of failed pregnancy.
– You have early menopause causing ovarian failure.

Who can donate eggs?
Many egg donors are women who want to help someone who can’t conceive using their own eggs. Family members or close friends often fall into this category, whether this is your first baby or your third. Still, others donate through clinics to people they don’t know, most of them seeking to give back, while a smaller number do so for the financial compensation.

If you are looking for an egg donor, Utah Fertility Center offers an excellent ovum donor program in St. George, Pleasant Grove, Ogden, and Murray Utah, using many in-house ovum donors. This program reduces the cost if you use one of the donors on our list. We also offer the option of using a known ovum donor, perhaps a relative or a friend.

We will work closely with you to help you select the right donor and provide you with personalized care along the way. We will meet with the donor to screen for compatibility. We test the donor for infectious disease, genetic testing, ongoing health and maintenance. We also offer psychological counseling to address concerns for yourself, as well as your ovum donor. Your donor also signs consent forms so that you maintain all rights to the eggs, embryo and your baby.

If you are seeking to become pregnant with the help of an egg donor, we encourage you to contact us at 801-785-5100 or email us at [email protected] for more details. We have helped many families achieve pregnancy successfully, and are happy to offer you the same possibility.