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With a new year underway, many of us have contemplated making resolutions or have already made alterations in our lives. For those struggling with infertility, here is a good one to consider. Make small and simple changes that can boost your fertility and improve your overall health as you move through fertility treatments.

Switch out that second cup of coffee or soda for a glass of water! This quick change cuts back on caffeine AND boosts your water intake. Both important steps when trying to conceive.
Take the stairs. Ditch the elevator and get in some extra steps! Or park your car in a spot farther away from the store entrance and walk instead of searching for the closer spot. Daily exercise is an important aspect of improving your fertility and overall health.
Switch out your processed white carbs for healthier whole grains! Whole grains are always a better choice, so, swap out white bread for whole wheat bread, use whole grain pasta, and bake with whole wheat flour.
Swap that roll for a salad! When eating to improve fertility and overall health, you want to consider cutting back on simple carbohydrates in favor of more veggies. A simple salad with spinach, cranberries, and nuts has major antioxidant power that can improve fertility.
If salad isn’t your thing, try a green smoothie! It isn’t always easy to get in as many healthy veggies as our body needs, so, a green smoothie is an easy way to pack in some nutrients. Throw in a handful of frozen berries for added antioxidant benefits!
Take a breath. Infertility is stressful! And too much stress is not good for your health. Take a 5 minute break to do some deep breathing and meditation to help alleviate stress and increase oxygen and blood flow. Plus, it will help keep your energy up since you ditched that second dose of caffeine.
Buy organic and/or thoroughly wash your fruits and vegetables. When trying conceive, you want to limit your exposure to harmful chemicals and pesticides. It is worth the extra time and money to ensure you are not putting something harmful into your body.
Work in your work out. Go for a quick run, do a yoga class, dance to your favorite song, or hop on the elliptical. Just 20 minutes of exercise can have amazing health benefits.
Swap your lubricant for something sperm friendly. Did you know that certain lubricants can slow sperm down or even damage them? When you are trying to conceive, be sure you are promoting conception by choosing a sperm friendly lubricant.
Practice moderation. As with any good diet or exercise program, it is easy to go overboard. Exercise moderately. Eat healthy but don’t go to extremes. Enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, but practice moderation when considering a second one. Don’t worry about a slice of birthday cake, but, be sure that your sugar consumption is moderate.
These are a few changes that you can make that aren’t overwhelming and will help improve your health and fertility. Because each individual is so different, your doctor might have a plan more specific to you and your needs. ALWAYS check with your doctor and follow their instructions. It is our number one priority to help you grow your family in a safe and healthy way.

Written by Mandy Nielsen