Helping Another Family Conceive With the Gift of an Egg Donation

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November is a time of reflection, of giving and being thankful. As a woman, did you know that you can donate your eggs in the same way you can donate blood, plasma or bone marrow? Giving the gift of creating a life isn’t all that different from giving the gift of saving a life. Both give something priceless to people in need and change their lives forever. In the case of donating your eggs, more than one family can often benefit from your generous donation.

Why Become an Egg Donor
There are many reasons women choose to become egg donors. Here are the top three:

-Compassion: Empathizing with prospective parents who want to conceive but face physical or situational barriers. Egg donation can help them achieve and experience pregnancy, and help them realize their dreams of becoming parents.

-Knowledge: Often egg donors have been touched by infertility through a loved one and understand the incredible gift it can be. After going through the application and extensive screening process to qualify you will also gain knowledge about your own fertility health and genetics.

-Gratitude: You will be the final link in helping a couple struggling to give life. You will make all the difference to them and their hopes and dreams, and this leaves most women feeling grateful and humbled to be able to do this for someone in need.

You will also benefit financially from your generous donation of precious eggs, your time, and your energy. At Utah Fertility Center, our egg donors are considered VIP’s and we compensate your efforts with a payment of $4500 for each egg donation cycle. We want to ensure that the donation is rewarding for all parties involved.

From Start to Finish

By making your egg donation to a family we can tell you that it is emotionally fulfilling as well as financially rewarding. We make the process as easy as possible for you. Our coordinators will walk you through every step of the process, from filling out your application to completing your donation. Our screening process consists of bloodwork, an ultrasound, physical exam, genetic testing and psychological evaluation. Once you qualify, we will discuss ways to link you with a family.

How the Donation Works

Your egg donation is a non-disclosure process, meaning you are donating anonymously and ensuring your privacy. You will receive the highest quality of medical care at our center for all your office visits, blood draws, and procedures that will take place. Your egg donation will help another family trying to conceive through In Vitro Fertilization. Your egg will be combined with sperm in a lab to create an embryo. Once the embryo has formed, it will be implanted into the recipient’s uterus.

Egg Donor Qualifying

To qualify as an egg donor the best candidates meet the following criteria:

-Age: 19-30 years old
-Body Mass Index (BMI): Should be less than 30
-Tobacco: A non-smoker
-Overall Health: Generally healthy
-Family History: No known genetic diseases

This November, consider giving the “gift” of egg donation. To become a donor with UFC, click on the “Become a Donor” button under our third party reproduction page. Complete the form to start the process. Your application is processed within 2 weeks of your submission. For questions about your application, call us at 801-785-5100 extension 3737 or [email protected]. Apply today to help a couple on their journey to parenthood and they will be forever grateful!