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What does Mother’s Day mean to me this year? Let me try to explain. I have never been one that can easily express my feelings so I hope I am able to adequately portray our story and why Mother’s Day means so much to me. Being a Mother had been something I wanted my entire life. For my husband, being a father was what he had always wanted. Why is something that is so natural so difficult? Through our struggle we had a motto… “It only takes one”. It only takes one little miracle to make us parents and we were going to try everything to bring that one into our lives. During our struggle I had a dream that God was placing a baby in my arms. I didn’t know how that baby was going to come to us, but that dream kept me going.
For the last four years Scott and I tried every option to have a family with very high hopes, but for some reason, those options failed. We were told our odds were high, but still the universe seemed to be against us. Why? We heard the words “wow, we have never seen this before” and “this is so unusual” several times. About 6 months into trying to get pregnant, I found out I had PCOS and about a year later we found that Scott has a genetic disorder called translocation. After fertility drugs and a miscarriage, IVF and another miscarriage, a frozen transfer and a chemical pregnancy, we felt defeated and worn out. It was like we had run the whole race only to get to the finish line, stop in front of the finish line and stare at it without crossing. However, giving up was not an option. I knew being a mother was something I was going to be and Scott was going to get to be a dad. We knew what needed to be done and another round of IVF and another frozen transfer was the answer. We moved forward, had faith and stayed strong. Through the lengthy process of injection after injection, we would say, “It only takes one embryo. We only need one.” During the retrieval process we continued to say, “It only takes one.” I remember the day we received the news that we had one viable embryo, I couldn’t believe it. I said with tears in my eyes and a grateful voice, “It only takes one.” and it did. That little embryo has grown to be our little boy. Born on February 18, 2015 Grayson is our joy, he is our miracle, he is our one!
What does Mother’s Day mean to me this year? It means everything! God heard our prayer and blessed us with exactly what we had asked for. He placed that little one in my arms and made me the mother I have always wanted to be.