Fertility and Your Family – 1 in 8 will suffer from infertility

Meet a young couple who tells their story of dealing with infertility

Fertility and Your Family – the causes and treatments of infertility

Fertility and Your Family – success rates are so high – new technology is fascinating

uv mag

Catch Utah Fertility Centers’ Medical Profile in Utah Valley Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 edition.

Dr. Deirdre Conway visits with KSL studio 5 to discuss new infertility technology.


Utah Fertility Center is excited to welcome Reproductive Endocrinologist Dr. Jason Parker to the practice.

Fox 13 News features Dr. Deirdre Conway talking about genetic testing

Dr. Foulk Talks About Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening On KSL

The Utah Fertility Center was part of an amazing success story, using genetic screening to help a family have healthy twins. Read the whole story

Dr. Shawn Elizabeth Gurtcheff on KUTV

Dr. Gurtcheff appeared on KUTV recently to discuss UFC’s participation in the Thrive research study for IVF.

Click here to watch: kutv.com

Dr. Foulk Weighs In On Infertility For Women Over 40

While it is true that having a baby becomes more difficult with age, as women have a finite number of eggs, and other issues can arise with age. But Dr. Foulk explained on ABC4 that infertility can still be overcome for women in their 40s, if the right course of treatment is pursued. If won\’t be easy, and it may be draining in many ways, but infertility can be overcome, which means the achievement of lifelong goals for many women.

Dr. Conway’s Advice Appears in Healthy Utah Magazine

Titled “The Birds and Bees of Infertility,” Dr. Conway talks about when couples should go see a fertility specialist, and how to choose the right fertility center.
To read the magazine article:  Go here (Page 24)

Dr. Foulk Appears In St. George Health and Wellness Magazine October Issue

He introduces Utah Fertility Center as southern Utah’s first and only provider of in vitro fertilization.

Read the whole article here. (Pages 25-26)

Best United States IVF Clinics By Live Birth Rate For Women Under 35

We are ranked as a national leader in fertility care. See fertilitysuccessrates.com’s report.

Best Utah IVF Clinics By Live Birth Rate For Women Under 35

For Utah, we are the best in the state! See the report comparing different clinics in Utah.

Appearance on KSL


Tune in tonight Jan 31st at 10PM. KSL news talks with local reproductive specialists including our own Dr. Russell A. Foulk. Online Q&A will follow so get your questions ready!!

The myths and science behind ‘The Fertility Game’ into parenthood

Appearance on KSL’s Studio 5″

Have you had unsolicited comments about infertility? Watch Dr. Foulk’s appearance on KSL’s Studio 5. Dr. Foulk and local therapist Julie answer the question of should you share your fertility struggles with others or keep them private?


Seeing Patients in St. George

We are excited to share the news that we are now seeing patients in St. George!  We have an office in La Via Medical Spa at 676 South Bluff, Suite 208 in St. George.  Give us a call at 801-492-9200 to schedule a consultation there!

Appearance on ABC4’s “Good Things Utah”

Check out Dr. Foulk’s recent appearance on ABC4’s Good Things Utah!

KSL News

An AMAZING news story about the power of genetic testing, featured on KSL News!

Mrs. Utah – Tiffany Alleman

The reigning Mrs. Utah, Tiffany Alleman shares her heartbreaking yet hopeful story of infertility, loss, and eventual success in a recent article in the Salt Lake Tribune.  Read all about it here: