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The Utah infertility community has been working with legislators to provide relief to Utah residents experiencing infertility. They will be voting on a bill this week, and constituents should let their representatives know what they think is best!

HB 347 (the bill) has two parts: First, it amends the current adoption indemnity benefit in the Utah Insurance Code and allows insurers to potentially transfer up to $4,000 to insured members who choose to use this benefit for pursuing medical treatment for infertility. The second part of the bill provides for an insurance rider that can be added to plans and outlines what that rider should include in terms of IVF coverage.

HB 347 has received widespread support among key legislators in Utah and has been championed by Utah residents committed to helping the infertility community, according to RESOLVE.

We support reaching out to your Utah state Representative to urge them to vote YES on HB 347.

Learn more about the bill here
Find your representative here. (Use the “Who represents me?” tool, bottom left)
Fertility treatments can be very expensive, but are vital for the thousands of people struggling to conceive. Allowing insurance companies to help cover the cost could make a huge impact on those wanting to start a family.

Especially expensive, because of the expertise and precise equipment required, is in vitro fertilization. But IVF is also among the most effective of all fertility treatments. This legislation will hopefully crack open the door for the many families needing IVF and other fertility treatments.