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For couples dealing with fertility issues, the emotional struggle can often seem like too much to handle. Even with the help of a fertility center, many couples may need additional support as they go through the challenges of infertility.

Supporting the infertileFamily and friends can play an important role in helping couples deal with these issues, but it is important to be aware of what should (or shouldn’t) be said. Many well-meaning individuals find themselves accidentally inflicting emotional hurt on those dealing with infertility.

Perhaps the most important thing family and friends can do for loved ones struggling with infertility is to listen. Allow them to vent if they need to. Be aware of what their needs and desires are, and become informed of what infertility can mean and how it can be overcome to avoid saying something hurtful.

It is also important to make sure friends and family members struggling with fertility issues feel included at social gatherings. Many couples feel ostracized by those who have children because of their infertility. Be willing to invite them to social gatherings, but be accepting if they do not always wish to participate.

Here at Utah Fertility Center, we are determined to provide a strong support network for couples trying to overcome infertility issues. But family and friends are also important. Be understanding and become informed to provide the best support possible.

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