Six Tips to Prepare For Conception

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Conceiving a child is not always a simple feat for every couple, but you can increase your fertility by priming your body with simple lifestyle changes. We offer the following tips to help you achieve optimal health in preparation for pregnancy:

  1. Take preconception vitamins and supplements. There are several key vitamins and supplements you can take prior to pregnancy to enhance both the health of the pregnancy and your baby. We recommend taking a prenatal vitamin; folic acid, iron, iodine, and calcium are particularly important, as well as Vitamins A and D, B6, and B12.
  1. Consider the foods you eat. In preparation to begin eating for two, we encourage you to consider the nutritional value of your daily diet and whether healthier alternatives should be substituted for some of your go-to meals and snacks. For example, instead of choosing fries on the side of your sandwich, inquire about fresh vegetables or a salad.
  1. Maintain a healthy weight. An unhealthy BMI–whether higher or lower than is ideal for you–can decrease your fertility as well as pose risks during pregnancy. If you are concerned about weight loss, we invite you to speak with our team about effective and safe tactics.
  1. Get a good night’s sleep. Sleeping produces melatonin, a hormone that helps boost fertility, but artificial lighting during the night, even from a smartphone, can decrease the production. We recommend sleeping in total darkness if possible.
  1. Time intercourse around your ovulation cycle. Conception is more likely to occur if intercourse takes place during the 4-5 days before ovulation through the day after ovulation. If daily intercourse doesn’t fit into your schedule, aim for the last two or three days of that window.
  1. Address untreated or undiagnosed medical conditions. Health risks such as high blood pressure, a low functioning thyroid, asthma, or pre-diabetes can negatively impact pregnancy. We encourage you to visit your primary care physician if you are ready to begin trying to conceive so that he or she can test for these conditions. 

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