The Essential Micronutrients in Vitamins and Supplements Can Boost Your Fertility

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At the Utah Fertility Center, our physicians find that sharing essential nutritional recommendations with our patients — women and men — can aid in boosting fertility. That’s because vitamins and supplements play a vital role in supplying micronutrients for your general health and wellness. 

Why Take Supplements?

While fertility can be complex because each person’s body is different, studies have shown that vitamins can help when trying to get and stay pregnant. For this reason, our physicians recommend taking vitamins and folic acid at least one month before you try to conceive. The recommended folic acid intake is an additional 800 micrograms of it every day. Combining it with a good quality multivitamin will not only meet your daily needs but will help you avoid side effects. And yes, you can take a chewable option! Or you can opt for a typical “prenatal vitamin” once a day if you prefer. For women, vitamins aid in various functions:

  • Menstruation and ovulation
  • Thyroid function
  • Energy production
  • Immune function
  • Oocyte (egg) quality and maturation

Here are the vitamins your body needs to boost your fertility if you are a woman:

Vitamin B
Myo-inositol supports the cell membranes that boost your fertility. It also helps lower weight and raises your good cholesterol (HDL) and triglycerides. It can also improve polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) by lowering both insulin resistance and hyperandrogenism (high levels of androgens in women).

Co-Enzyme Q10
This antioxidant can boost the quality of your eggs and the chromosomal division that happens during fertilization.

Vitamin C
This antioxidant is a powerhouse when it comes to fighting free radicals and works like a natural antihistamine.

Vitamin E
This fat-soluble antioxidant works to keep free radicals at bay and helps protect cell membranes from harm.

Acetyl L-carnitine
This amino acid works with cell division, your immune function and the release of hormones in your body. As a woman, it can increase your fertility even if you have had a prior failed in-vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure.

You may have already heard about this powerful antioxidant because it does the job of regulating your sleep/wake cycles, or circadian rhythm.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids, or DHA
Purified fish oil is a vital source of fatty acids that help lower inflammation in your body. That’s important because inflammation is one of the factors in PCOS and other fertility issues. These fatty acids boost your reproductive system, levels of insulin and heart and brain health. (Stay away from cod liver oil as it has way too much vitamin A and D).

Here are the best vitamins you can take to boost your fertility if you are a man:

Co-Enzyme Q10
This powerful antioxidant works by supporting and increasing your sperm count.

Vitamin C
This antioxidant works as a natural antihistamine. It also keeps histamine from releasing to fight free radicals and pollution. If you work around agricultural chemicals, you may have lowered sperm counts. This vitamin also lowers DNA damage in your sperm as high as 91%! It can also effectively lessen the clumping of particles and abnormalities and increase sperm counts.

Vitamin E
This fat-soluble antioxidant can help boost sperm potency for a higher pregnancy rate in men who were previously infertile.

Acetyl L-carnitine
This vital supplement boosts both sperm count and mobility.

DHA (Omega 3 Fatty Acids)
These vital Fatty Acids can lower inflammation throughout the body (a possible cause of infertility) and boost your overall health. The best source of DHA is purified fish oil (not cod liver oil).

As you can see, micronutrients are an easy and effective way to boost your fertility health, whether you are a man or woman. If the thought of taking a handful of pills a day feels like too much, you can certainly take one high-quality multivitamin. While there are many things to control when it comes to fertility, like your genetics, age or unpredictable cycles, giving your body the best nutrition possible is one thing you can do! 

If you are struggling with infertility, our Utah Fertility Center team welcomes you to give us a call at 801-785-5100 for more information or find a location near you!

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