Guest Blog: The Ultimate Transformer

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In the nearly three months our twins have graced our lives, I’ve had the pleasure of watching this man of mine transform before my eyes. The same man that I had to bribe to hold our friends’ kids for a split second, is now the first to change a diaper and sneaks off with our son to play the dreaded “Baby Shark” dance moves included.

I’ve watched him be humbled by the NICU with its firm grasp still holding onto our daughter, and yet he still manages to balance the mayhem our life has descended into. He remains silly and weird beyond all reason, but he flips that switch and transforms into this solid foundation that I can crumble upon when we hit a new obstacle at the hospital.

He is keeping us all together and loving us all fiercely while doing it. One day he became a dad, and now I can’t imagine him as anything else. He was made for this. Which is bonkers, because we were both side-eyeing each other, wondering if he could handle this, just moments ago.

But he proved himself and everyone else wrong. Fatherhood looks good on him and I can’t wait to celebrate this day for many years to come.

Happy Father’s Day. You’ve earned this.

Father holding newborn daughter
Father looking down on newborn daughter

Written by Ali Montemayor regarding husband Josh.
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