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To: Our Fertility Super Sonic Heroes

Our infertile womb was discovered four years ago,
Back then, until now, our time has ticked slow.
A neat brain tumor, lots of intercourse and three IUI’s,
Our first round of IVF worked, with a little surprise.

“Well, hey, our luck has turned around” We thought.
Ad just for a small, tiny moment we forgot…
All those people who got us where we wanted to be.
First, God. then, Dr. Conway, Suzie, and Amberlie.

All you nurses, blood suckers, and girls who “check-out”,
We can’t forget you. You, too, deserve a big shout.
And, the lab folks, all back in your mysterious room,
You can take a brown bag… Then, Zap! Kapow! Boom!

To the secretaries: you have the best cookies in town.
Signing in a ba-jillion times, sure did calm us right down.
Bottom line: You all helped us procreate in a petri dish.
Science rocks. So do you. It granted our greatest wish.

You create big miracles, You let our big dreams come true.
And hey, I’d never get to try Valium, if it wasn’t for you.
You got the toolbox, the gadgets, and even the wand!
You make it happen. Even way better than James Bond.

Through all of this experience, you all soared way up high.
You are literally our super heroes and we know you can fly!
The green colored scrubs are really the capes on your backs.
When it comes to super powers, there isn’t one that you lack.

Thank you and God bless you.
Love Kade, Camee, and Baby-to-be Brough