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No one wants to lose the dream of having a family, especially due to financial reasons. Unfortunately only about 15% of couples have health insurance plans that cover infertility. The good news is that most couples are able to achieve pregnancy with simple treatment plans and minimal costs. For those couples who do need more complex treatment such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), cost can become a barrier. Exploring some of these options may help cover some of the necessary costs.

There are a number of organizations that offer grant funding programs or sponsorships to help couples who are facing infertility. Searching online can help you identify available programs in your area. For example, two non-profit organizations founded in Utah are Footsteps for Fertility and Pound the Pavement for Parenthood. Each holds annual fundraising events to raise infertility awareness in our communities. Couples are able to gain support and also have an opportunity to be awarded financial help with infertility treatments.

Loans can be helpful to get treatment earlier but space the payments over a period of time. Utah Fertility Center does not internally finance these type of loans but our financial counselors can refer you to companies that do.

Flexibility Spending / Health Savings
Many health plans offer a flexibility spending account or a health savings account depending on your insurance and plan deductible. Both types of accounts offer tax benefits and both are accepted for payment at Utah Fertility Center. Talk to your employer or insurance company about these options and any limitations they may have.

Tax Deduction
Out of pocket medical expenses may qualify you for a tax deduction. The tax deductions differ based on income levels, so always check with your tax specialist to see if you are eligible for a medical expense tax deduction.

Save and Be Creative
Setting aside a portion of your funds each month can help you stay focused on saving. Many couples find creative ways to earn extra dollars. Bake sales, car washes, and yard sales are all ways you and your support system can come together to make treatment more affordable. Explore as many financial options you can and don’t let money stop you from reaching your dreams.