Wellness Techniques for a Healthier Lifestyle!

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Wellness and Fertility in 2020

If getting pregnant in 2020 is your ultimate goal, Utah Fertility Center is here to help you achieve that goal in a setting filled with compassion, dignity, and joy! We are excited to help you focus on your physical and mental well-being as you explore the options on your journey to conception. Making important decisions about your lifestyle is one of the best ways you can navigate the ins and outs of overcoming infertility.

*Join us for a monthly wellness night*
Beginning February 25, 6:00 pm,  in building just east of Utah Fertility Center- Pleasant Grove  (1394 PG blvd.)
Fitness instructors April Judd and Michelle Stevenett will be leading a fun workout for all levels. 
Love to see you there. Bring a yoga mat if you have one and a water bottle.

Seek Assistance
The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology recommends seeking help after twelve months of trying to conceive without success.   If you are over 35 years old,  treatment should be considered after six months of trying.  In eighty percent of cases, a reason can be identified and treatment prescribed.  Even in those cases where a cause can not be identified, treatments based on your situation can still help improve your odds of conceiving.

Get Balanced Nutrition
Supporting your body functions also boosts your fertility efforts by giving you the building blocks you need to create the right kinds of hormones in the right amounts needed. A healthy weight can also decrease your chances of miscarriage or chances of premature birth, so work towards a healthy body weight as you strive to conceive. Not being underweight or overweight is key. Incorporate whole foods and fresh fruits and vegetables, along with healthy fats and proteins that will keep you going on this journey, and include dietary supplements like a prenatal vitamin with folic acid. Our doctors are happy to provide you with a resources for a nutritional plan to support your efforts.

Avoid Bad Habits 
Now more than ever, it’s important to protect your energy and general health and well being. Limit alcohol consumption and give up your nicotine habit for good if you want to give yourself the best odds of getting pregnant.

Increase Your Zen
Stress certainly does not help in achieving pregnancy. Stress levels for women trying to conceive is on par with women who have a life-threatening disease.  Feeling isolated, lonely, and frustrated is common, and it’s important to know that you’re really not alone.  Start finding ways to lower your stress levels by doing all the things that bring you joy. This might involve gentle exercises like yoga, swimming or walking, meditation or relaxing baths; all are soothing ways to practice self-care and improve your mood and may even boost your fertility efforts.  Online support groups and forums are a another great way to connect with people on a similar path.

Get Quality Sleep
Supportive sleep habits are vital for good mental and physical health and well being. A good average lies between seven to nine hours a night. Limit caffeine, practice a winding down routine before you go to bed for the night (turn off the laptop, phone and TV), and be consistent in your nighttime schedule.

Support Your Spouse
It’s important to keep each other’s health and emotional welfare a priority. Stay connected, keep your love life alive and well in the bedroom, and remember – you’re in this together, so every step in the right direction can bring you both to your ultimate goal!

Acupuncture has long been used as alternative healthcare when it comes to infertility. Others have turned to regular massage to support the body or seek a hormonal panel evaluation from a naturopath that may bring insights. Getting emotional support from a counselor is another effective option that supports you as you try to conceive.

To boost your chances of a successful pregnancy, we encourage you to explore the options above and join us in practicing wellness in 2020 and beyond. Our experienced, caring and committed Utah Fertility Center team is here to help you every step of the way at one of our convenient locations in Pleasant Grove, Murray, Ogden, and St. George, Utah!