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What to Expect When You’re Not Expecting: The Infertility Consult

You’ve seen your OBGYN, you’ve realized that whatever you are trying isn’t working, and you made your appointment to see a specialist. Here’s what you can expect…

1. Compassion. You will have a doctor, nurses, an entire team of people who are cheering you on and committed to helping you achieve a healthy pregnancy. We can help you understand your infertility so that you can overcome it.

2. A talk with your doctor. Your doctor will bring you into their office and talk to you about your medical records, your concerns, and your questions. He or she will take the time to explain to you a plan of action and the steps you will need to take together. You will not feel rushed, but you will feel a greater understanding about your fertility.

3. A brief physical exam and ultrasound. After your talk with the doctor, you will be escorted to an exam room. The doctor will want to check your ovaries and perform a brief physical. The ultrasound is not painful, but it is very informative. Based on their findings, they will give you a plan of care and next steps for continued testing and treatment. You can read more about the bloodwork and diagnostic tests HERE.

4. Hope. This was the most unexpected thing I found on my first visit to an RE. I expected to feel overwhelmed, but, for the first time in a long time, when I walked out of that office, I felt hopeful. I felt like my infertility wasn’t controlling me. Having a plan of action to address our infertility gave me back my hope. Your doctor and team will give you a renewed sense of hope for your future.