Wellness Techniques for a Healthier Lifestyle!

Wellness and Fertility in 2020 If getting pregnant in 2020 is your ultimate goal, Utah Fertility Center is here to help you achieve that goal in a setting filled with compassion, dignity, and joy! We are excited to help you focus on your physical and mental well-being as you explore the options on your journey to conception. Making important decisions... read more »

Is Your Lifestyle Encouraging Conception?

When it comes to your body and fertility, there are various factors that can influence your outcome. Even something as simple as your lifestyle can make a difference when it comes to conception, your pregnancy, and the health of your developing baby. The good news is, while you don’t always have control over other factors, you do have control over... read more »


Overall health is important, but here are areas you can focus on in order to optimize your fertility. Dr. Deirdre Conway discusses four health aspects that can enhance your fertility naturally or in conjunction with treatment. Ways to Optimize your Fertility Physical Health The more we learn about infertility, the more we discover about how lifestyle factors can contribute to... read more »